Choose Forward. Choose to Welcome Refugees

In 2015, millions of Syrians were displaced across the Middle East and Eastern Europe fleeing a horrific civil war. Canadians made a clear choice to stand up and help those in need. Now over 50,000 Syrian refugees are safe and building new lives in Canada. Through coordination with private sponsors, NGOs, and other levels of government we’ve ensured that they have the services they need, including language training and counselling, to succeed and contribute to Canada. Canada is highlighted as one of the top countries to participate in the UNHCR resettlement programme taking in a sizable number of refugees annually; this has been a source of Canada’s strength.

Beyond the numbers, these are the stories of families and individuals who have overcome hardships and begun to build new lives in Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast. Please take a few moments to watch this video about one refugee’s journey to a life and job in Kitsilano. Hassan is one of thousands of refugees, each with their own unique story, who have created a new life in Canada. 

The Liberal Party embraces and defends diversity, equality and inclusion. Our country’s story is the story of ongoing waves of immigration from many countries and cultures, joining Canada’s First Peoples, and over time creating the rich, diverse human tapestry that is Canada today. In 2015 Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party was stoking fear and division, dismissing our international humanitarian obligations, even encouraging racism with their “barbaric practices hotline”. During that election Canadians made a clear humanitarian choice.

Today, on October 21st 2019, Canadians once again have a critical choice to make:   

We will either re-elect a Liberal government that celebrates diversity – whether of race, culture, gender, or ability – and extends a humanitarian hand to those in need.

Or we will elect a Conservative government that refers to refugees as “illegals” and would return us to the politics of fear and division we witnessed during the Harper years.  

I ask you to “choose forward” by voting Liberal.