Proud to continue my work as a champion for the environment!

I’m honoured to be endorsed by GreenPAC going into the 2019 federal election, highlighting my record on bold climate leadership and my commitment to pursuing policies that are focused on sustainability and protecting our environment. 

Through leading the development for the Centre of Greening Government, contributing to the greater consultation process to reduce marine debris and harmful single-use plastics, and  championing an oil tanker ban oil on British Columbia’s Pacific North Coast, it has been my priority to support a greener, more sustainable society. Since 2015 I’ve had the privilege of being part of a Liberal government that has prioritized action on biodiversity, protecting our oceans, doubling marine protected areas and restoring whale and salmon populations. Going in to the 2019 election members of the Liberal Team remain steadfast in our commitment to restoring and conserving our ecosystems, and driving Canada’s transition to a green economy.

We all have a responsibility to conserve and maintain Canada’s natural heritage, which we all rely on, for the generations after us. I pledge to continue promoting strong climate action as we drive Canada’s critical transition to a clean economy that leaves no-one behind. Working together we can fight climate change and build a better, more resilient and sustainable Canada for my grandchildren and yours. 

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