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Joyce Murray, MP


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MP Joyce Murray Speaks Out Against Conservative Muzzling

Posted on May 31, 2012

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA — The Liberal Party of Canada’s website will be darkened Monday, June 4th in solidarity with BLACKOUTSPEAKOUT, a campaign spearheaded by a group of organizations committed to highlighting the Harper Conservatives’ persistent assault on the environment and democracy, said Joyce Murray, Liberal Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra.

“Many non-profit organizations and volunteer groups are under attack by the Conservative government, simply for doing their jobs,” said Murray. “They are being muzzled, verbally attacked, having their funding withdrawal, even being audited and harassed by Revenue Canada—all because their message is not the same as the government’s.”

MP Murray also noted that she recently organized a meeting in Ottawa with Parliamentarians and four organizations representing the entire spectrum of charitable and philanthropic groups. Their concern is that if this intimidation of the charitable sector continues, Canadians will lose valuable input into public policy making. “Having diverse voices speak up is not only critical for Canada’s democracy, it also leads to better decisions and policies,” said Murray.

“Silencing individuals, groups, and charities simply because they do not share one’s views is not a democracy. That’s why, on Monday, Liberals will be joining hundreds of other groups to raise awareness of the silencing of dissent and the weakening of Canada’s democracy,” said Murray. “The list of groups and the variety of issues that the government is silencing is growing every day. Canadians should be asking themselves—‘who is next?’”



Liberal Senators have launched a petition to pressure the government to allow charities a forum in the Senate to defend their reputation. It can be viewed here


Office of Joyce Murray


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