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Joyce Murray, MP



Joyce Murray was first elected as Vancouver Quadra’s voice in Parliament in 2008…and hit the ground running!

In 2012-13, Joyce ran as a candidate for Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada on a platform of a Sustainable Society for Canada including democratic  reform, placing second.

In Ottawa, Joyce is a fierce advocate for the key issues of environment and climate change; building a stronger, greener economy with emphasis on job creation and support for small businesses; human rights and women’s rights; education with a focus on financial support for college and university students; health and home care; and preventative health.

Joyce is the Liberal critic for Small Business and Tourism, the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Western Economic Diversification, and chair of the Party’s Northern and Western Caucus.

In December 2010, Joyce introduced her Private Member’s Bill C-606, legislating a crude oil tanker ban in the inland waters around Haida Gwaii known as Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound. This bill formalizes the long-term moratorium on oil tanker traffic on BC’s Pacific North Coast, first established by the Liberal government under Prime Minister Trudeau in 1972, and respected by successive governments until recently. Joyce was proud to re-introduce this Bill in June 2012, and continues to work to protect Canada’s north coast.

As an active member of the Canada-China Legislative Association, Joyce is steadfast in helping to strengthen Canada’s ties with China and the Asia-Pacific. She created a National Small Business Advisory Group from across Canada to bring the voice of small business to Ottawa. Before entering federal politics, Joyce was elected MLA in the BC Government. With her extensive experience in the environmental and business community she was immediately appointed as the province’s Environment Minister and served in this role from 2001 to 2004, and then served in 2005 as Minister of Management Services.

Joyce’s path to provincial and federal politics is indeed unique. Her twitter profile reads: “tree planter MP goes to Ottawa,” as she co-founded an international reforestation company that has planted over a billion trees. Joyce’s environmental background extends back to her 1992 Executive MBA thesis on global warming (available here), proof of Joyce’s long-held insight into how the environment and business can be complementary interests.

Joyce follows a rich tradition of strong leadership in Vancouver Quadra, joining the ranks of Hon. Stephen Owen, Ted McWhinney and former Prime Minister Right Hon. John Turner in representing one of Canada’s most beautiful ridings.

She has three grown children and proudly lives in Vancouver Quadra with her husband Dirk.

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