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Joyce Murray, MP


Our Open Letter to the Minister of National Defence

Posted on August 14, 2014 | No Comments

Please see below, a letter from myself, Liberal Critic for National Defence and Wayne Easter, Liberal Critic for Public Safety.

August 6, 2014

Hon. Robert Nicholson, P.C., M.P.
Minister of National Defence
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Dear Minister,

It is with great concern that we learn through media reports of the Communications and Security Establishment of Canada’s (CSEC) refusal to disclose how long it retains Canadian citizens’ personal data. This lack of transparency is yet another alarming example of Canada’s intelligence and security institutions encroaching on citizens’ private information, and it is cause for deep concern.

Other jurisdictions, including the United States and New Zealand, have long been forthright with their domestic data retention policies. Canadian citizens have the right to know the retention policies surrounding the collection of their private communications acquired without their consent.

We would note that these are not the first or the only problems that have recently been associated with CSEC. For example, I have previously referred to the 2012-2013 Annual Report of the CSE Commissioner whose mandate is to provide oversight of CSEC. On page 20 of that report, the Commissioner stated the following with respect to the issue of CSEC operating within the law:

“I had no concern with respect to the majority of the CSEC activities. However, a small number of records suggested the possibility that some activities may have been directed at Canadians, contrary to law [...] I was unable to reach a definitive conclusion about compliance or non-compliance with the law.”

This only reinforces what the Liberal Party has been calling for in the House of Commons – namely new mechanisms by which CSEC and all federal intelligence and security agencies could be effectively monitored. We are specifically referring to two pieces of legislation tabled in the House of Commons by our Party which would create a committee of Parliamentarians to provide critical oversight of Canada’s intelligence and security apparatus, would strengthen protection of Canadians’ personal communications, including their metadata, and establishes clear timelines for how long that data can be retained.

What is concerning is that the Minister of National Defence has denied this in the House of Commons, claiming that, “all CSEC activities were authorized and carried out in accordance with the law.”

As recently as July 31st we have seen reports that CSEC, in its efforts to combat serious cyber threats, has once again been found to intercept the private information of Canadians without the acquisition of judicial warrants. Recent reports of unsupervised retention of Canadians’ personal data by CSEC suggest the need for additional and more robust oversight.

The federal government must be forthcoming with our citizens in regards to their right to privacy. It is imperative that the both the government and the Minister of National Defence come clean about how long it retains Canadians’ personal and private communications. It is a Canadian’s right to know.


Joyce Murray, MP Liberal Critic for National Defence

Wayne Easter, MP Liberal Party Critic for Public Safety

Special Summer August 22 MP Breakfast with guest speaker Hon. Judy Sgro

Posted on August 13, 2014 | No Comments

JM0075_BreakfastConnectionsAug22-1200px (2)webversion

Liberal statement on government failure to respond to Mount Polley emergency

Posted on August 8, 2014 | No Comments

VANCOUVER – Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra, Joyce Murray, today issued the following statement on the Mount Polley tailings pond spill near Likely, British Columbia:

“Monday’s devastating tailings pond spill from the Mount Polley mine has become an unprecedented disaster for the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Worse still, the 10 billion litres of polluted water is threatening to contaminate British Columbia’s salmon bearing watersheds. It is clear that managing this volatile situation requires the concerted efforts of Canadians and our federal government.

“The Conservative government has completely ignored the growing ecological emergency that is unfolding in British Columbia. The federal government has a responsibility to support a response to such emergencies, yet still we have seen no action from the Prime Minister or from the Minister of Public Safety, Steven Blaney.

“Instead of focusing on this environmental catastrophe, Blaney and other Harper ministers have launched a smear campaign against Justin Trudeau, citing the ‘alleged’ questionable activities of a mosque he visited in his riding. However, after eight years in government, the Conservatives have done nothing to address a purported security threat that Canada’s Minister of Public Safety himself alleges to exist.

“The Harper government and the Public Safety Minister should be using their resources to help Canadians through the crisis in BC, not to smear political opponents. While Conservatives stay focused on us, we will stay focused on Canadians.”

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Democracy in Action – Meet with your MP Joyce Murray this Summer!

Posted on July 17, 2014

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Murray welcomes independent review of sexual abuse in the Canadian Forces‏

Posted on July 14, 2014

(Vancouver, BC) I welcome the announcement that former Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps will conduct an independent review of the Canadian military’s handling of sexual misconduct. […]

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Defeating the Harper Conservatives is the only way to stop Enbridge

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